Thunderbolts season ends in Macon

04/15/2018 7:12 PM -

After Macon tied the series last night, the series would be decided by a third game at the Macon Coliseum on Sunday.  Unfortunately, the Bolts couldn’t get any bounces their way, despite putting 40 shots on goal. The Thunderbolts fell 8-0 in the playoff finale.


Despite the early playoff exit, the Thunderbolts had a significant year in their second season.  They eclipsed their previous year’s wins and points totals with 27 wins and 63 points, moving up from a last place finish in year one.  Dylan Clarke led the way with 23 goals for the Bolts, while John Scorcia and Dave Williams established more than 50-point totals this season.  These playoff games were the first for an Evansville-based team in 6 years, and Thursday’s win at home was the first playoff victory in Evansville since 2010.  Although the season wraps up tonight, the future is bright for these Evansville Thunderbolts.


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