#11 Austin Frank, D


Position: D
Date of Birth: 11/30/1993
Height: 6' 5"   Weight: 230 lbs
College Experience: Lawrence University
Resides: Madison, WI


Favorite hockey moment:

National Championships 2010


Hockey Idol:

Jon Carlson


Favorite Pre-game meal:

Chicken Pesto


3 Fun Facts:

1. "Left" and "Right" tatooed on my feet.

2. Started year in France

3.  My signature is in a book with Wayne Gretzky's and Conor McDavid 

2018-19 Roster »
96 Mitch Atkins F
24 Nathan Ferriero F
91 Tom Besinger F
12 TJ Roche D
39 Braeden Ostepchuk G
74 Tyler Howe D
16 CJ Blaszka D
27 Frank Schumacher D
11 Austin Frank D
8 Rory Rawlyk D
1 Alex Murray G
2 Ben Owen D
61 Chase Nieuwendyk D
17 Ben Campbell D
83 Lenny Caglianone D
51 Wyatt Trumbley D
28 LJ Fellows D
10 Scott Donohue LW
55 Chase Hatcher LW
14 Shayne Morrissey RW
21 Eric Salzillo C
44 Nick Wright LW
4 Brandon Tucker RW
20 Carter Shinkaruk C
5 Jake Howie LW
96 Joseph Mizzi RW

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